Fueling Speculation: Roseanne Cache and June Carter Cache

USAP flight manifest with fuel cache named for Rosanne Cash
My Baby Thinks He’s a Plane: Refueling stops on the Dec. 30, 2015 US Antarctic Program flight manifest including Roseanne Cache and June Carter Cache. Still trying to find out if there’s also a Johnny Cache. Here’s music by Rosanne to read this blog post to.

I was looking at the daily flight schedule and noticed some refueling stops at a fuel cache named Roseanne Cache. “Rosanne Cash,” I thought, “Like the singer.” Then I noticed there’s another fuel cache on the list called June Carter Cache (abbreviation: JCC). There are GPS coordinates for both of them. Someone has a whimsical sense of humor. I wonder if Rosanne Cash knows there’s a place in Antarctica named after her, even if they gave her name an extra “E.”  I asked one of the contractors who works here about them and he said he thinks there is also a Johnny Cache. He also explained that the caches are used as refueling stops between the South Pole Base and remote field camps, and that the Roseanne and June Carter Caches have been in existence for a while.