Walking in Antarctica
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Stop 1: Introduction

A Walk Over the Canada Glacier

Stop 2: Arriving at the Canada Glacier

Stop 3: Lake Hoare Field Camp

Stop 4: Canada Glacier from Lake Hoare

Stop 5: Panorama of Canada Glacier from Lake Fryxell, Antarctica

Stop 6: Mummified Leopard Seal near Canada Glacier, Antarctica

Stop 7: Lake Fryxell Field Camp, Antarctica

Stop 8: Rowboat on Pulley, Lake Fryxell, Antarctica

Stop 9: Canada Glacier from Lake Fryxell

Stop 10: In the Surrealist Sculpture Garden

[YouTube Video Link: Capturing Antarctic Geology in 3D: “Bird” Ventifact]

Stop 11: The Road to Double Curtain Glacier (back long wall)

Stop 12: Walking on Sea Ice at Scott Base Pressure Ridge

[Video Link: Frozen South – Ice Breakout 4K by Anthony Powell]

Into the Erebus Ice Tongue Cave

Stop 13: Cloudburst, Erebus Ice Tongue Cave

Stop 14: Fractal Arch, Erebus Ice Tongue Cave

Walking on Lake Ice

Stop 15: A Look Inside the Miniature Ice Palace

Stop 16: Looking Down at Ice Designs

Stop 17: A Midnight Ramble Around Lake Hoare

Walking on a Cape Royds Lake

Stop 18: Walking on Mysterious Ice

Walking Among Penguins

Stop 19: Walking with Penguin Scientists

Stop 20: Penguin Watching at Cape Royds

Stop 21: Into the Ocean, Cape Royds

Stop 22: Penguin Yoga, Cape Royds

Stop 23: In Search of the First Chick of the Season, Cape Royds

[YouTube Video Link: Newborn Penguin Chick at Cape Royds]

Stop 24: Conclusion to the Journey

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Credits and Acknowledgements

Recording Engineer: Rick Delaney

Special thanks to everyone who directly assisted with the production of this exhibition: Laura Amussen, Exhibitions Director at Goucher College; Rick Delaney; Jowita Wyszomirska; the digital production staff at Open Works Baltimore; Full Circle Photo; the Otis College of Art Summer Residency Program; and Nicole Atkinson, Push to Start, Inc. And in Antarctica: Peter West from the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs; field camp researchers and personnel Sam Bowser, Laura Von Rosk, David Ainley, Jean Pennycook, Katie Dugger, Andrew Fountain, Rae Spain, Dave Van Horn, Renee Noffke, and Amy Chiuchiolo; mountaineers Forrest McCarthy and Evan Miller; and especially Elaine Hood of Lockheed Martin, who organized the complex logistics to get me to these special places. Thank you to my “Artists U Working Group”: Zoë Charlton, Alex Heilner, Nate Larson, Tony Shore, Marcia Wolfson-Ray, Olu Butterfly Woods and Jowita Wyszormirska, for the inspiration to add sound recordings to this exhibition and for your ongoing feedback as I developed this project, to the hardworking staff at the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and to the Puffin Foundation. And I am especially grateful to my husband Joel Marcus for his invaluable support while I was “on the ice” and throughout the exhibition preparations.

Funding for this exhibition has been made possible in part by the Puffin Foundation and by the Rubys Artist Project Grants, a program of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance conceived and initiated with start-up funding from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.